Garlic & Parsley

Canyon’s Garlic & Parsley contains garlic, known as "nature's antibiotic" because of its many health-related benefits. The inclusion of parsley deodorises the garlic and is itself a wonderful healing herb.

Hand & Body Lotion

Canyon’s Seacare Hand & Body Lotion is a nourishing thick cream, which includes Seaweed, Jojoba, Shea, Sweet Almond, Coconut, and Vitamin E.

Herbal Cough Syrup

Canyon’s Herbal Cough Syrup assists in alleviating tight chests, sore throats, coughs and respiratory conditions. It also helps to relieve sinusitis in adults.

Herbal Cream

Canyon’s Seaweed Herbal Cream Skin Remedy is a combination of carefully selected ingredients that are ideal for use on most wounds, blemishes and rashes. The unique formulation includes Seaweed which acts as an anti-oxidant and cell rejuvenator.

Immuno Fix Syrup

Canyon’s Immuno Fix Syrup is designed to enhance the body’s immune system. It is ideal for use to maintain good health.


Canyon’s ImmunoGuard Tablets are a specialized nutritional product, designed to support the body's immune system thus providing the best opportunity for continued well-being.

Joint Optimiser

Canyon’s Joint Optimiser is specifically formulated to provide optimal nutrition for the joint system by ensuring an adequate supply of the necessary micro-nutrients to those affected areas.

Joint Support

Canyon’s Joint Support helps support and enhance the daily diet of those people who have problems with their skeletal system (joints) resulting from nutritional deficiencies. Joint Support is important for people who value the importance of the joint system and want to ensure proper nutritional support


Canyon’s Ladies Formula is designed to meet a woman's unique needs and to help restore the body's balance at critical times of the month.


Canyon's Lecithin is a well known formula to keep cells nourished.