Joint Optimiser

Joint Optimiser

Canyon’s Joint Optimiser is specifically formulated to provide optimal nutrition for the joint system by ensuring an adequate supply of the necessary micro-nutrients to those affected areas.

Joint Optimiser contains the powerful combination of Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin to help rebuild cartilage and relieve pain.

Joint Optimiser is ideally used by those who suffer from:

  • Rheumatism
  • Gout
  • Stiff, swollen and painful joints
  • Arthritis
Nutritional information:

Vitamin A Acetate - 1600mcg RE

Vitamin D3 - 2mcg

Vitamin B6 - 4mg

Pantothenic Acid -3.68mg

Calcium Carbonate - 18mg provides 7.2mg elemental Calcium

Dicalcium Phosphate - 5.56mg provides 1.28mg Calcium and 1.06mg Phosphorous

Magnesium Oxide - 6mg provides 3.6mg elemental Magnesium

Glucosamine - 500mg

Chondroitin Sulphate - 400mg

MSM - 165mg

Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed - 33.3mg

Beta Carotene 10% - 14.4mg

Devil’s Claw - 8.3mg

Celery Seed Powder - 8.3mg

Potassium Chloride - 3.17mg

Dosage and suggested use:

Take 1 tablet, 3 times per day with meals. Once symptoms abate, take 1 or 2 tablets per day with meals.

  • Glucosamine is made from glucose and glutamine and is one component of connective tissue and cartilage in your body. It is involved in the formation of tendons, bones and ligaments and has a remarkable ability to attract water and thus serves as a lubricant.
  • MSM helps to maintain healthy and flexible ligaments and assists with relieving pain.
  • Chondroitin protects cartilage and stops it from breaking down. It also stimulates the production of glucosamine and collagen.
  • Devils Claw, a tuber found in South Africa contains a glycoside that helps to reduce inflammation in joints.
  • Celery seeds have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pain around the joints.
  • Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed contains all the minerals known to man, thus ensuring optimal micro nutrient uptake.
    • Not suitable for vegetarians.
    • Suitable for diabetics when used in conjunction with an energy controlled diet.
    • Not to be taken during pregnancy.

This medicine has not been evaluated by SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.