Muscle Support

Muscle Support

Canyon's Muscle Support contains a full spectrum of amino acids that is designed for all physically active people. The product assists in muscle recovery, repair and recuperation after any strenuous exercise.

During exercise muscle fibers are torn causing stiffness and sore muscles. To encourage rapid repair, amino acids are required in the muscles. Muscle Support provides the amino acids directly into the blood, thus ensuring that the body uses the amino acids in the blood to encourage repair and recovery

It is ideally used by:

  • Athletes
  • Golfers
  • Cyclists
  • Swimmers
  • Convalescents
Nutritional information:

Each Muscle Support serving contains:

(* Branch chain amino acids)

Lysine - 372mg

Cystine - 78mg

Threonine - 222mg

Histidine - 50mg

* Leucine - 480mg

Alanine - 246mg

* Isoleucine - 288mg

Arginine - 444mg

* Valine - 270mg

Aspartic Acid - 564mg

Tryptophan - 90mg

Glutamic Acid - 1290mg

Phenylalanine - 306mg

Glycine - 252mg

Tyrosine - 240mg

Proline - 318mg

Methionine - 78mg

Serine - 312mg

Ingredients: Protein Peptides from Isolated Soya Protein, Pyridoxine, extended release tablet base.

Dosage and suggested use:

Take 3 before & 3 after training/event.

  • For muscle growth/repair to take place, the body needs to be in a state of positive nitrogen balance. Nitrogen is a common component of amino acids and therefore amino acids are an excellent source of nitrogen. Muscle Support is a safe, convenient way of increasing nitrogen levels and so maintains a positive nitrogen balance necessary for muscle growth.
  • Muscle Support contains branch chain amino acids which make up 33% of muscle tissue. These are directly linked to muscle growth. The correct combination of amino acids, Tryptophan, Glycine and Arginine in Muscle Support stimulates release of the Growth Hormone, and is responsible for converting fat into energy. The amino acids in Muscle Support are sourced from the purest quality Soya Protein, thereby making it suitable for vegetarians.
  • Muscle Support contains all the essential amino acids in perfect balance and so allows the non-essential amino acids to be synthesised by the body.
    • Contains no yeast.
    • Suitable for diabetics when used as part of a balanced eating plan.
    • Suitable for vegetarians.

This medicine has not been evaluated by SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.